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Matt Herbert


Senior Conservation Scientist

Matt has been an aquatic ecologist with the Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy since 2007. He works on a variety of conservation projects, including Great Lakes native fisheries restoration, aquatic connectivity for migratory fishes, and watershed-river conservation and restoration.

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and a master’s from Texas A&M University. His master’s thesis evaluated the influence of stream-flow variability and upstream influences of an impoundment on stream fish assemblages in east Texas. Before joining the Conservancy’s Michigan Chapter, Matt spent more than three years with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, working with the Natural Heritage Program. Prior to moving to Michigan, Matt worked in Illinois as an aquatic ecologist with The Nature Conservancy’s Illinois Chapter for four years and with the Illinois Natural History Survey for four years.

Contact: Matt Herbert | 517.316.2283