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Landscape-Scale Stewardship in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula

This landscape stewardship plan, covering a portion of Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula (UP) in Luce, Schoolcraft, Eastern Alger, and Western Mackinac Counties and over 1.9 million acres, is one of nine such plans that were developed through a larger grant project funded by U.S. Forest Service and administered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The intent of developing this plan was to connect forest owners, both public and private, and organizations to each other and to forest stewardship information, resources and assistance programs, thereby increasing our collective capacity to protect and maintain the forests products, services and values on which this region depends. Only by working collaboratively at the landscape scale we can better address landscape-scale challenges that threaten the health and sustainability of our forests and other natural resources.

The focus of this plan, the central UP, is a region rich in natural resources—particularly water, containing both shorelines of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, as well as several cold-water rivers and streams and protects many headwater lakes, wetlands, and peatlands. The landscape is predominately a rural one, containing vast expanses of public and private forest land. The access to water and forest supports the region's tourism and outdoor recreation-based economies. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a national tourist attraction. Seney National Wildlife Refuge, is a large public owner in the center of this Landscape. Hardwood maple produced in this area provides basketball courts across the world. Each of the public owners, including National Forest, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuge, land trusts, large timber owners, schools, as well as private landowners, bring unique places and lessons to be shared with other landowners. This specific landscape was chosen because of the unique make up of ownership and the unique features and lessons that can be shared. 

This plan is funded in part through a Fiscal Year 2015 Landscape Scale Restoration grant for "Developing Nine Landscape Stewardship Plans in Michigan" (15-DG-11420004-175). The United States Forest Service, State and Private Forestry granted $336,347 in federal funds to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Forest Resources Division which along with its partners provided $337,113 in matching non-federal funds. The Department of Natural Resources administered the grant in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Huron Pines, The Stewardship Network and the Remote Environmental Assessment Laboratory.

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