​​​​​Nevada has many groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs) throughout the state that depend on access to water to sustain them. These include springs, wetlands, phreatophytic communities, riparian zones, rivers, and lakes. These ecosystems are important for wildlife and for humans.

Please visit the Nevada GDE Story Map [add link] to learn more about groundwater dependent ecosystems in Nevada. Raw data used to prepare the Story Map are available here [add link to NNHP].

Source documentation for the Nevada Indicators Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem database are as follows:

Additional resources mentioned on the Nevada GDE Story Map:

  • Springsnail Conservation Agreement and Strategy: ​​​​​The Nevada Department of Wildlife, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, The Nature Conservancy, and nine other public partners are working to develop a comprehensive strategy for Nevada and Utah to conserve endemic springsnail species and the spring-dependent ecosystems that support them. A Conservation Agreement committing the partners to this effort was finalized in December 2017, and the partners are now working together to develop the companion Conservation Strategy which identifies the approaches and actions needed to effectively protect and conserve these species on the landscapes of the two states. The strategy focuses on maintaining the function and quality of spring ecosystems to effectively conserve springsnails and other spring-dependent species, while also protecting these important resources for the benefit of other public land users and private landowners.

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