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Conservation Forestry is management that emphasizes stewardship of the forest resources – protection of soil and water quality, long-rotation, high-value products, ecological diversity, and complexity of the forest system. It is a management philosophy where the "environment" is a benefit, not a cost.

This manual describes the on-the-ground operations which strengthen the likelihood that our forests will be healthier, more diverse, more valuable places in future than they are today. It is designed as a "How-To" book for Conservation Forestry.  Underlying all of this is the commitment of The Nature Conservancy to the future. The development of valuable, ecologically healthy forests and prosperous forest-based economies in our future begins with the choices we make in our forest management today.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Protecting Water Quality

Chapter 3: Protecting Rare Species & Communities

Chapter 4: Managing Biodiversity

Chapter 5: Maintaining and Enhancing Soil Health

Chapter 6: Addressing Social Concerns

Chapter 7: Writing Management Plans

Chapter 8: Writing Silvicultural Descriptions

Chapter 9: Designing and Building Road Systems

Chapter 10: Timber Harvest and Marketing

Appendix: The Planning Process