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Mapping and Decision Support Tool Workshop : January 19 & 24, 2017


Virginia Eastern Shore Coastal Resilience Mapping and Decision Support Tool

A project funded by the Department of Interior Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resilience Fund ​

January 19 & 24, 2017


Introductory Workshop and Training Manual, Version 2.0

With input from the Community Leader Workshop held in November 2014, the customized Virginia Eastern Shore Coastal Resilience online mapping and decision support tool for visualizing and assessing regional vulnerability to storm surge, sea-level rise, and changes in coastal habitats can be found at   

Please visit the project webpage for more information at

  1. Introductory Workshop and Training Manual, Version 2.0
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Coastal Resilience Skills and Training Exercises
  4. Coastal Resilience Glossary of Terms
  5. Coastal Resilience Hints and Tips

Training Objectives
  1. Brief participants on the Coastal Resilience approach and tool in the context of the larger NFWF Hurricane Sandy Coastal Resilience grant project.
  2. Demonstrate how to use the Coastal Resilience tool and apps through hands-on, structured exercises.
  3. Gather feedback on the look, feel, function, and usability of the Coastal Resilience tool.
  4. Solicit input on content and substance of apps and information presented in the tool.
  5. Equip participants with skills to be able to train others to use the Coastal Resilience tool.

Training Team

Shannon Alexander, A-NPDC

Jill Bieri, The Nature Conservancy

Michael Bonsteel, LJT & Associates

Deborah Brosnan, Brosnan Center

Chris Bruce, The Nature Conservancy

Gwynn Crichton, The Nature Conservancy

Karen A. Duhring, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Laura Flessner, The Nature Conservancy

Jim McGowan, The Nature Conservancy

Curtis Smith, A-NPDC

Joyce Winterton, NASA