Poster: Women in Fire Training Exchange

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Women in Fire Training Exchange—WTREX

Monique Hein, Lenya Quinn-Davidson and Nikole Swaney

Poster presented at the Association for Fire Ecology’s 6th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress (San Antonio, TX)
November 2015

The Women in Fire Training Exchange (WTREX) strives to conquer challenges that women face in the world of wildland firefighting, natural resources management, and conservation. The WTREX is a two-week prescribed fire training event that will support female fire practitioners to work boldly in leadership roles. During this event, women will be challenged to display courage, tenacity, integrity, and resilience while functioning proficiently in a variety of roles. WTREX will provide a safe and supportive learning environment for women to strengthen their operational and leadership skills.

Information about this training will be linked to the main TREX page when it becomes available.​​