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Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX) and cooperative burns provide experiential training that builds robust local capacity for fire management and offers professional fire practitioners a more holistic perspective—while implementing treatments that support community and landscape objectives.
The TREX strategy does what no one else is doing: it provides a cooperative burning model that services the needs of diverse entities, including federal and state agencies, private landowners and contractors, tribes, academics and international partners—while incorporating local values and issues to build the right kinds of capacity in the right places.
The key focus of TREX is promoting the spread of effective cooperative burning—helping diverse partners leverage skills, resources and staff in ways that maximize opportunities for outreach, treatment and training. TREX works on this at the local level, but also supports nationwide coaching and training to advance prescribed fire capacity and training at a larger scale through the TREX Coaches Network, which coalesced in 2016 around a core of committed TREX organizers and leaders. This network is dramatically expanding the reach of the TREX strategy by mentoring and linking practitioners who are in—and moving into—leadership roles.

See the box at right for links to the TREX toolkit, upcoming TREX events that are accepting applications (see the latest FLN Networker for a full listing).


Many issues of Notes from the Field cover TREX.

Check out the collection of fact sheets about capacity solutions used by TREX coaches.

For more, visit the TREX Publications page.


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