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Southwest Alaska nature conservancy

The Nature Conservancy, collaborating with local partners, works to conserve salmon in the region by evaluating resource development proposals, advocating for strong salmon habitat protection, and building durable, local conservation capacity.  The following documents represent several conservation planning and assessment efforts in the region.

Nushagak River Watershed Traditional Use Area Conservation Plan

An Assessment of Ecological Risk to Wild Salmon Systems from Large-scale Mining in the Nushagak and Kvichak Watersheds of the Bristol Bay Basin

In addition, The Nature Conservancy participates in and works to support the strategic action plan of the Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership.

Members of the Nushagak-Mulchatna Watershed Council examining maps while working on the Nushagak River Watershed Traditional Use Area Conservation Plan  2005 © Clark James Mishl/The Nature Conservancy