LANDFIRE Webinars - 2017


We Customize!

In 2016 alone, LANDFIRE customized, developed and delivered more than 20 webinars (16 are loaded on our YouTube channel) to constituents, colleagues and decision-makers across the country. And people keep asking for more.

That means we're getting pretty good at it.

While we reach out to those who we think might benefit from a LANDFIRE webinar, we also welcome your requests to set one (several?) up. Write, and we'll get right back to you to talk about ideas, timing and audiences. 


Spring series is complete -- links at the bottom of this page.


9/20: "LANDFIRE 101" Co-hosting with Network for Landscape Conservation and the NPS "Scaling Up" webinar series. Presenter: Randy Swaty. Registration, other information available in late August.

9/26: "LANDFIRE - All Lands Data from Vegetation to Fuels: Planning, Engagement, and Feedback." Co-hosting with Utah State University Forestry Extension. Presenter: LANDFIRE Business Lead Henry Bastian. Registration, other information available in late August.

Webinar will explore the suite of data that is advancing data integration, partnerships in authoritative data sources, and improving mapping change with engagement and user feedback as a key tenant. Consistent wall-to-wall data provides a strong foundation for the future national remap project with the goal of improved data quality. Federal, State, Tribal, Researcher, Academics, and local managers are provided with a consistent data framework that can be used across multiple levels and efforts.

2017 Webinars COMPLETED  

2/10 - LANDFIRE Introductory Data Product Review for Alaska. Presenter Wendel Hann. AK Data product review. General information about LF's Data Product Review.

3/13 - Do-It-Yourself Data Tinkering: Adapting Spatial Data for Local Use - Co-hosted with Conservation Biology Institute and SCGIS. Presenter Kori Blankenship.

4/12 - By special request: BpS Review for the BLM Core Science Forum. Presenter Kori Blankenship.

4/19 - Do-It-Yourself Tinkering - LANDFIRE Data Modification for the Northern Rockies. Presenter Kori Blankenship.

5/3 -   LANDFIRE in California: What It Is and Why It Matters. Presenter Jim Smith.

5/9 - Making National Spatial Data Work on Your NW Landscape. Presenter Kori Blankenship.  (For more information on this topic see the recently released guide: Modifying LANDFIRE Geospatial Data for Local Applicationsby Don Helmbrecht and Kori Blankenship.)

2016 Webinars