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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Restoring Native Grasslands

At the Boardman Grasslands, The Nature Conservancy works to protect one of the largest and most intact expanses of native grasslands left in the Columbia Basin Ecoregion. TNC works to control invasive and noxious weeds, seed native perennial bunchgrasses, and plant and maintaining sagebrush and bitterbrush shrub-steppe communities.

TNC works on three different properties comprising the remaining Boardman Grasslands: The Boardman Conservation Area (23,000 acres), The Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility Boardman (47,000 acres), and Lindsay Prairie Preserve (376 acres). Only Lindsay Prairie is open to the public.

Over the past 10 years TNC has restored over 500 acres of shrub-steppe habitat on the Boardman Conservation Area. TNC has innovated successful methods to control invasive species while increasing the cover and structure of native vegetation.

Reports on restoration efforts on the Boardman Conservation Area are available in the right Resources panel.

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