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Index: Notes from the Field

Liz Rank 11/2/2020

and all Notes from the Field are archived at

Notes from the Field are brief updates on activities from the Fire Learning Network, Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, Indigenous Peoples Burning Network and Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges. Ranging from one to four pages in length, each reports on some activity of a network, landscape, partner or related project. These illustrated pieces generally include contact information for key players and/or links to more information.

Below is a listing (in reverse chronological order) of all issues of Notes, with links. Alternately, use the Search function (upper right) including "Notes from the Field" as one of your search terms.

updated 24 July 2023


Number 184       Plumas Cal-TREX (2023)
A report from the fourth annual offering of this on-call style TREX in northern California 

Number 183       Alto Minho Traditional Fire Training Exchange
A report from the third TREX held in northwestern Portugal in February (also available in Spanish)

Number 182       Niobrara Valley Preserve TREX
A report on the April 2023 event from a group of international participants (also available in Spanish)

Number 181        Santa Barbara TREX—A Southern California First
A brief recap of the November 2022 training at Dangermond and Sedgwick preserves

Number 180       Southern Blue Ridge Fire Fair
Highlights from a public outreach event in North Carolina, with links to Learn-and-Burns

Number 179       On-Call Crews: An Early-Career Assignment
A report from a North America Fire Team on-call crew member on assignment in northern I

Number 178       Rogue Valley Prescribed Burn Association
An report from Oregon on increasing community support for fire through participation

Number 177       Feeling the Power at WTREX
An essay from the 2022 Women-in-Fire Training Exchange

Number 176       The Pulaski Club: Training the Next Generation
A report about a high school fire management club in the Southern Blue Ridge

Number 175       Whats's Lighting Us Up: Wildland Fire Training From The Ember Alliance
A summary of hands-on trainings being offered for new fire practitioners

Number 174       Flagstaff TREX
Highlights from the first TREX hosted in Arizona, which took place in fall 2021

Number 173       Cultural Fire Management Council-Yurok TREX
Brief summary of the fall 2021 cultural burn training exchange

Number 172       Burned Area Learning Network Southwest Field Tours 2019
Report from BALN field trips in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico

Number 171        Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week
Highlights from a week of cooperative burning and training in western Iowa in April 2021

Number 170       Northeast Washington TREX: A New Landscape Hosts a Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
The first TREX in northeastern Washingtone was held in April and May 2021 

Number 169       Getting Started: How One New Mexico Couple Found Fire
From Cloudcroft, NM, to Minnesota and the Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week 

Number 168       Learning from the Plumas County Cal-TREX
Lessons from a fall 2020 locally focused, short-duration TREX 

Number 167       Local Leadership on Display at Cascadia TREX
The fall 2020 Cascadia TREX adapted to the pandemic to continue building capacity in Washington

Number 166       Onward: The Native Stewards of the Amah Mutsun Land Trust and CAL FIRE Burn Together
A first-hand account of partners creating collaboration for good fire.

Number 165       Lessons Learned: Air Curtain Burners
Lessons shared among members of the fire networks in an online conversation.

Number 164       Burning Big! A Workshop on Large Burn Implementation in the Central Appalachians
An overview of the February 2020 workshop focused on scaling up burning in the region.

Number 163       Southern Blue Ridge FLN Workshop #14
A brief report from the regional network’s annual workshop, with a focus on recent insights and goals

Number 162       San Juan TREX
Highlights from the September 2019 TREX in southwestern Colorado

Number 161       Cultural Management Council Yurok TREX (Fall 2019)
Highlights from this twice-yearly TREX, including a link to a photo essay in Wired

Number 160       Day by Day: Notes from the Cascadia TREX
Follow along with the daily updates from the fall 2019 TREX held near Cle Elum, Washington

Number 159       Using Drones to Improve Our Understanding of Fire Behavior
A fall 2018 prescribed burn at Sycan Marsh Preserve hosted a UAS research team

Number 158       Ashland Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
A report from the spring 2019 TREX and community outreach work in southwestern Oregon

Number 157       Central Oregon Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Highlights from the fifth annual TREX based in Bend, Oregon, held in the spring of 2019

Number 156       Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week
A report from the spring 2019 training event hosted by partners in Iowa’s Loess Hills region

Number 155       WTREX 2019: Women in Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Reflections from the Women in Fire TREX, based at Tall Timbers Research Station, by Lenya Quinn-Davidson

Number 154       Arkansas TREX: The Fire Must Go On
A report from the spring 2019 TREX rapidly organized by TREX coaches and Arkansas partners to replace the flooded-out Loup River TREX for some participants

Number 153       Yurok TREX: CFMC-Yurok Cultural Burn Training Exchange
Highlights from the spring 2019 Yurok TREX hosted by the Cultural Fire Management Council

Number 152        State Line Burn: Collaboration Across the Border of North and South Carolina
An interview with Brian Browning, burn boss on a cross-boundary burn in the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment FLN landscape, by Cynthia Fowler and Kaycia Best

Number 151        Communications at the Southern Blue Ridge TREX
A member of the communications team at the fall 2018 TREX shares lessons learned from talking about lighting fire near recently burned communities; originally published as a FAC Net blog post

Number 150       Building Capacity in the Appalachians
A look back at 2018 and look ahead at 2019 for capacity-building partnerships in the Southern Blue Ridge and Central Appalachians FLNs

Number 149       Facilitative Leadership: Concepts Every Wildland Fire Leader Can Use
Lessons from a December 2018 Facilitative Leadership for Social Change workshop

Number 148       Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop
Highlights from the annual workshop of this regional network, held in Blacksburg, VA

Number 147       CalTREX: Calaveras Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Highlights from the second CalTREX, a new program supported by CAL FIRE and organized and led by the FLN and TREX coaches

Number 146       Spanish-Language TREX
An overview of the eighth offering of this international training exchange in New Mexico

Number 145       Klamath River TREX: Controlled Burn Training Tallies Successes
Highlights from the October 2018 burning and training near Orleans, California

Number 144       A TREX Tale Unfolds: Daily Updates from the Cascadia TREX
Excerpts from daily updates sent out from the second Cascadia TREX, held in fall 2018

Number 143       Southern Blue Ridge FLN Central Escarpment Workshop
Highlights from the October 3, 2018 workshop in this North Carolina landscape

Number 142       Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Spanish-Language TREX
Report from a member of the Conservancy’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team, from her participation in this fall 2018 TREX in New Mexico

Number 141       Learning About Burning: Wisdom of Old Trees
Introduction to the paper “Regional and Local Controls on Historical Fire Regimes of Dry Forests and Woodlands in the Rogue River Basin, Oregon, USA” (Kerry Metlen et al.)

Number 140       BALN: Santa Clara Field Tour & Eastern Jemez Landscape Futures Workshop
Notes from a restoration field tour (including a link to a handout about erosion management structures) that was followed by a project planning workshop

Number 139       Butte TREX
A report from the spring 2018 TREX based at the Big Chico Creek Preserve in California

Number 138       Chama TREX
A brief report from a spring training in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado

Number 137       BALN: The Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition
An introduction to a partnership that is demonstrating the value of pre-fire planning to improve post-fire response

Number 136       Southern Blue Ridge FLN Workshop: 13 Isn't Unlucky for the SBR FLN
Highlights from the May 2018 regional workshop at Table Mountain State Park, SC

Number 135       Ashland TREX: Using Mild Fire as an Antidote to Worsening Wildfire
Highlights from the May 2018 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange near Ashland, OR

Number 134       BALN: Federal Burned Area Emergency Response Policies
An overview of the federal policies that guide and constrain response on federal, state and private lands

Number 133       BALN: Learning After Wildfire Field Tour
A report from a May 2017 Burned Area Learning Network tour of areas in the Manzano Mountains affected by wildfires

Number 132       Taos TREX
A report from a successful, though nearly fire-free, spring 2018 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange

Number 131       IPBN Learning Exchange: Eco-Cultural Revitalization in California and New Mexico
Highlights from an Indigenous Peoples Burning Network learning exchange in New Mexico

Number 130       Central Appalachians FLN 2017 Year in Review
Highlights from a year of work across this regional network

Number 129       Yurok TREX
A report from a spring 2018 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange hosted by the Cultural Fire Management Council

Number 128       Rio Trampas TREX—Copper Hill Prescribed Burn
A report from the October 2017 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange held near Penasco, NM

Number 127       Alto Minho TREX
A report from the November 2017 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange, the first held outside the U.S.

Number 126       Controlled Burning at Sycan Marsh: A Win for Training and Collaboration
A report from a 900-acre burn in southern Oregon that blended training, research and ecological treatment

Number 125       Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop & Avenza Shared Learning Event
Highlights from back-to-back workshops held in Harrisonburg, VA

Number 124       Ashland Forest Resiliency: Spring 2017 Controlled Burns
A report on spring burning (including the Ashland TREX) and follow-up

Number 123       Spanish-Language TREX: Ten Countries, One Common Goal
A report from the seventh TREX conducted in Spanish, held near Santa Fe in fall 2017

Number 122       Cascadia Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Highlights from the first TREX to be held in Washington (fall 2017)

Number 121        Yurok TREX
A brief report from the fall 2017 training and burning near Weitchpec, California

Number 120       TREX Coaches Network Kick-off Workshop
An introduction to this new network and report from its first workshop, held in June 2017

Number 119        National Fire Learning Network Leaders Workshop
Report from the June 2017 gathering of regional and landscape leads from across the country

Number 118        Yurok TREX
Highlights from the spring 2017 training and burning near Weitchpec, California

Number 117        After the Fire Workshop: Connecting People, Ideas and Organizations
Report from a Washington workshop addressing community and landscape resiliency after wildfire

Number 116        Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week
Report from the cooperative burning and training event held in western Iowa in late March 2017

Number 115        Niobrara Valley Preserve TREX
Highlights from the March 17-April 2, 2017 Prescribed Fire Training Exchange in northern Nebraska

Number 114        Loup River TREX
Highlights and photos from the March 2017 TREX in central Nebraska (also available in Spanish)

Number 113        FireScape Mendocino Workshop 10: Fire Ready Communities
Highlights from the March 2017 workshop of this northern California FLN partnership

Number 112        Central Appalachians FLN 2016 Year in Rewiew
Highlights of work from around the regional network and its four landscapes

Number 111        Central Appalachians FLN: Potomac Headwaters Kick-off Workshop
Report from the January 2017 workshop of a new FLN landscape in western Maryland and West Virginia

Number 110       Lighting up a New Path: The Women in Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Highlights from the first WTREX, held in northern California in October 2016

Number 109       Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop
Report from the November 2016 meeting that brought together more than 80 people in the regional FLN

Number 108       Spanish-Language Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Highlights from the sixth iteration of this New Mexico-based TREX, held in September 2016

Number 107       Donation Provides Cache of Personal Protective Equipment to Support TREX Capacity
A donation from the Utah chapter of The Nature Conservancy equips TREX participants with PPE

Number 106       Contract Prescribed Fire Modules Add Capacity in the Appalachians
A brief about three crews hired to extend a model developed in 2015 by the Virginia SPER project

Number 105       Wildfire Training Exchange
Report from an August 2016 wildfire training assignment on the Wasatch NF to complement TREX

Number 104       Volunteer Fire Department Prescribed Fire Training: Trinity County 2016
Highlights from a new capacity-building training delivered as part of the SPER strategy in northern CA

Number 103       Collaborative, Iterative Development of Prescribed Fire Objectives for the AFR Project
Spring 2016 highlights of process and lessons from the Ashland Forest Resiliency project in Oregon

Number 102       Loup River Prescribed Fire Training Exchange 2016
A summary of the March 14-26 TREX in central Nebraska​ (also available in Spanish)

Number 101        Niobrara Valley Prescribed Fire Training Exchange 2016
A summary of the March 19-27 TREX in north-central Nebraska

Number 100       Loess Hills Cooperative Burn Week: April 2016
Highlights from a TREX-like event hosted by the Great Plains FLN and partners

Number 99         Southern Blue Ridge FLN Annual Workshop 2016
A brief report from the regional workshop held in Johnson City, TN in May

Number 97-98   Ashland Prescribed Fire Training Exchange Gets Under Way and
Ashland Prescribed Fire Training Exchange: A View from Above
Two views (participant and organizer) of the first TREX in Ashland, OR

Number 96         FireScape Mendocino: Workshop #8​​
Brief highlights from the April 2016 workshop in Upper Lake, CA

Number 95         Indigenous Peoples Burning Network: Workshop #3
Highlights and outcomes from the January 2016 workshop of this developing learning network

Number 94         Facilitative Leadership for Social Change Workshop
Highlights from the February 2016 workshop in the FireScape Mendocino landscape

Number 93         PERFACT Team Workshop: February 2016
Highlights from the staff strategy workshop held in Trinity County, CA

Number 92         Central Appalachians FLN 2015 Year in Review
Highlights of work from around the regional network and its four landscapes

Number 91          Southern Blue Ridge Fire Module: Bluff Mountain Burn
A report from the module's first burn, in November 2015

Number 90         National Fire Cache Provides PPE for TREX, Communities Bring Good Fire to their Neighborhoods

Number 89​         Third Annual Nor Cal TREX
Context and highlights from the Prescribed Fire Training Exchange hosted by the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council in late fall 2015

Number 88         Updates from the Southern Blue Ridge FLN: November 2015
A brief round up of news from the SBR FLN and several of its landscapes

Number 87         Central Appalachians FLN & CAFMS Joint Workshop
Report from the Central Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists fire history workshop and the Central Appalachians annual workshop held jointly in October 2015 in Blacksburg, VA

Number 86         Southern Blue Ridge FLN: Annual Workshop 
Brief highlights from May 2015 regional FLN workshop held at Unicoi State Park, GA

Number 85         Western Klamath Restoration Partnership: Workshop 11
Report from the partnership's July 2015 workshop in Orleans, CA

Number 84         Central Appalachians FLN: Summer 2015 Update
Four pages of highlights from the first half of the year for landscapes and partners in the Central Apps 

Number 83         Networking to Build Wildfire Resilience
A four-page report from the FLN-FAC Learning Network annual workshop in Santa Fe, NM in June 2015

Number 82         Training in Facilitative Leadership
Report from a Western Klamath Restoration Partnership workshop with the Interaction Institute for Social Change, in April 2015

Number 81         Central Oregon Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Brief highlights from the first Central Oregon TREX, held in May 2015

Number 80         Big Creek Prescribed Burn
Notes from a Scaling-up to Promote Ecosystem Resiliency (SPER) project near Hayfork, CA

Number 79         Niobrara River Valley TREX
A report from the March 2015 "spring break" prescribed fire training exchange in north-central Nebraska

Number 78         Klamath-Trinity Cultural Burning Network
Highlights from one of the early workshops, in March 2015, of the Cultural Burning Network

Number 77         North Carolina TREX
A report from the unexpectedly icy, but successful, February 2015 prescribed fire training exchange

Number 76         Building Fires Means Building Trust
Some lessons from a March SPER burn by the Trinity Integrated Fire Management Partnership

FAC Net 05        Island Park Sustainable Fire Community Update: Summer 2015
A new project coordinator
​ captured highlights from the summer of this Idaho community

FAC Net 04        Working With Land-Based Business Ownders to Use Fire
A collection of lessons learned and best practices to support successful use of prescribied fire

FAC Net 03​         Southern Oregon Middle-School Students Get Wise to Fire
A brief note about a school outreach project of a FAC Net member in Jacksonville, Oregon

FAC Net 02         Fire Departments Conduct FAC Learning Exchange
Report from a Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network exchange between fire departments from Austin and Boise
​ in February 2015

FAC Net 01​         Webinar Summary: Community Wildfire Protection Plans
Highlights from a January 2015 webinar
​hosted by the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network.

​​Number 75​​          Central Appalachians FLN 2014 Year in Review
A four-page overview of the regional network's actions and accomplishments

Number 74​         FireScape Mendocino Workshop #5
Report from the January 2015 workshop, which included refining strategies in light of climate change

Number 7​3​          Lake James Prescribed Burn
Report on a 1,950-acre Grandfather Restoration Project (CFLRP) burn in the Southern Blue Ridge FLN

Number 72​          After Action Reviews: Klamath Area Fires, Summer 2014
Report on a series of community AARs held by the Klamath National Forest

Number 71​          Central Appalachians FLN Annual Workshop
Report from November 2014 regional workshop and field tour

Number 70         Western Klamath Restoration Partnership Maps Out Prescriptions and Next Steps for Implementation
Report from the 8th FLN workshop of this northern California partnership

Number 69         Lessons Learned from Controlled Burns in the WUI
Lessons from the second Black Lake TREX, held September-October 2014 in Angel Fire, NM

Number 68         International TREX: Eight Countries—One Common Goal (in Spanish)
Report by a participant in the fourth international training exchange in northern New Mexico

Number 67         Klamath River TREX: Community Engagement through Active Use of Social Media
Capture of Facebook postings, comments and photos during the October 2014 training exchange

Number 66         First Fire: Reflections on the International Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Report on the September 2014 TREX from a participant on her first fire

Number 65         FireScape Mendocino: Workshop 4
September 2014 workshop report, including workshop objectives and revised landscape values

Number 64         Community Field Trip Provides Opportunity for Shared Learning (FAC Learning Network)
August 2014 report from the Island Park Sustainable Fire Community

Number 63         Oregon Wildfire Meets Prescribed Burn
Aerial graphic of the footprints of the Oregon Fire and Five Cent Rx burn that protected Weaverville, CA in August 2014

Number 62         Ashland Forest Resiliency Project Showcases Progress
June 2014, highlights from VIP tour of watershed restoration work

Number 61         A Workshop to Remember: Southern Blue Ridge FLN
May 2014 report from the regional network’s ninth annual workshop

Number 60        FireScape Mendocino: Workshop 3
Report from the June 2014 workshop

Number 59         FAC Learning Network & FLN National Workshops
Report from the overlapping workshops held in June 2014

Number 58         Yurok Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
Report on the May-June 2014 TREX in Weitchpec, CA

Number 57         Washington Prescribed Fire Council Conference
Report on March 2014 state-wide conference in Olympia

N​umber 56         Skull Knob Controlled Burn, South Mountains Landscape
April 2014 report on a cooperative burn in the Southern Blue Ridge FLN

Number 55         Klamath Fire Ecology Symposium
April 2014 report on the symposium in Orleans, CA, with discussion & presentation highlights

Num​ber 54         Blue Suck Controlled Burn, Douthat State Park
March 2014 report from a cooperative burn in the Central Appalachians FLN

Numb​er 53         FireScape Mendocino: Workshop 2
February 2014 report from the landscape’s second planning workshop, with vision and targets

Number 52​         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange: Niobrara Valley Preserve—Week One
March 2014 report on the first of two spring TREX in north-central Nebraska

Number 51          Working Together: Collaboration for Fire Adapted Communities
January 2014 report on FAC workshop hosted by Washington Dry Forests FLN in Yakima Valley

Number 50         Central Appalachians FLN—Recent Updates from the Virginia and West Virginia Landscapes
January 2014, includes updates on a wide range of partnership activities in recent months

Number 49         FireScape Mendocino: Workshop 1
November 2013, report on the first workshop of this new landscape

Number 48         Allegheny Highlands FLN Hosts TNC Fire Managers & Burn Boss Meeting
November 2013 report on national TNC meeting

Num​ber 47         Northern California Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
November 2013 report on first training exchange in northern California

Number 46         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange—Week 1 Wrap-up
September 2013 r
eport on activities during first week of international Spanish-language exchange

Number 45         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange—Northern New Mexico
September 2013 report as p
articipants arrive and prepare for two-week event (published during event)

Number 44         Southern Blue Ridge FLN Annual Workshop
May 2013 r
eport on 8th annual spring workshop for the SBR FLN

Number 43         Loess Hills Prescribed Fire Training Exchange
April 2013 r
eport on full event (includes information and photos from issue #42)

Number 42         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange—Loess Hills, Iowa 
April 2013, b
rief introduction to this 10-day training exchange (published during event)

Number 41         Highlights from the Appalachian FLN: Recent Projects & Planned Actions
Highlights from working groups over last few months, and list of planned spring burns

Number 40         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange—March 2013: Niobrara Valley, Nebraska
Brief first-hand summary of a two-week training exchange with many college students

Number 39         Tugalo Village Burn Benefits Nature and Contributes to Regional Fire Database
Report on the January 23, 2013, burn in the Tallulah Gorge focal area (SBR FLN)

Number 38         Southern Blue Ridge FLN Winter Workshop
December 2012 workshop report from the SBR, including list of upcoming events

Number 37         Rx Fire Council Fall Meeting Features Inspiring Field Tour of Burning in WUI
November 2012 field tour report from Northern California prescribed fire council

Number 36         Parashant Partnership Workshop: LCF & Black Rock Site Clean-Up
October 2012 Landscape Conservation Forecasting workshop report

Number 35         Northern California Hosts Spanish Practitioners in Rx Fire Training Exchange
Report from October 2012 international prescribed fire training Exchange at CKS FLN

Number 34         Scaling-up to Promote Ecosystem Resiliency: Big Creek Prescribed Burn
Report on November 2012 SPER-funded burn in CKS FLN

Number 33         Intercambio y entrenamiento en quemas prescritas (TREX)
Día a día de resumen NM TREX por los participantes, con fotos

Number 32         Woodland and Glade Restoration and Mgmt: New Trends and Accomplishments
September 2012 workshop report from the South Central FLN, including “what’s working”

Number 31         Dándonos a conocer: clave del éxito para el intercambio y entrenamiento en fuegos
Informe sobre la cobertura de los medios de comunicación y las lecciones aprendidas, en español cambio en Nuevo México

Number 30         Getting the Word Out: Preparation Key to Media Success for Prescribed Fire TREX
Report on media coverage and lessons learned, Spanish-language exchange in New Mexico

Number 29         Refugio-Goliad Prairie: Burning through the Drought
Report on late summer prescribed fire conducted on this FLN landscape

Number 28​         Prescribed Fire Training Exchange: Loess Hills, Iowa
Summary of April 2012 training exchange hosted by FLN landscape, with lots of photos

Number 27         Southern Blue Ridge FLN: Annual May Workshop
Quick highlights from May 2012 workshop, with a recipe they wished to share; more to come

Number 26         FireScape Monterey, Workshop #6 and Beyond—From Planning to Action
April 2012 workshop report, including list of strategies and work groups for priority tasks

Number 25         Parashant Partnership Workshop #4, Focus Area
April 2012 workshop report, including new planning committees and list of next steps

Number 24         Woodland Restoration Tour: South Central FLN
March 2012 tour for key media, highlighting prescribed fire and woodland restoration in AR

Number 23         FireScape Monterey Workshop #5,  Action Planning
March 2012 report on workshop, which includes draft list of strategies

Number 22        Prescribed Fire Training Event, Bassett, Nebraska
March 2012 report on the first of four FLN prescribed fire training exchanges this spring

Number 21         Allegheny Highlands: Big Wilson Burn
March 2012 report on start of implementation of this cooperative, cross-boundary burn

Number 20        Southern Blue Ridge FLN: Big Burning at Tallulah Gorge
February 2012 report on multi-agency, cross-boundary burn

Number 19         Trinity Mountains Implementation Update          
February 2012 report on SPER implementation from landscape in the California Klamath-Siskiyou FLN (includes map from burn plan)

Number 18         FireScape Monterey, Symposium & Workshop 4
October 2011 workshop summary (with list of speakers and topics)

Number 17         Southern Blue Ridge FLN, Landscape Leaders’ Workshop
December 2011 workshop summary (with core strategy diagram)

Number 16         Parashant Partnership, Workshop #3
October 2011 workshop summary (with list of presenters and topics; draft vision and mission statements)

Number 15         Fire in Pocosins Workshop
October 2011 workshop summary (with list of speakers and topics)

Number 14​         Centennial Valley FLN, Bureau of Land Management & Forest Service Field Workshops
August 2011 field tour summary (with recommended readings)

Number 13         Sycan Marsh, Oregon: The Brattain Burn, a Year Later
Follow-up on October 2010 burn in the Lakeview landscape (Northwest FLN)

Number 12         Southern Blue Ridge FLN, Workshop #6
May 2011 workshop notes

Number 11          FireScape Monterey, Sand Table Exercise
July 2011 hands-on workshop summary

Number 10         Loess Hills, Iowa: 2012 Training Exchange Planning Workshop
July 2011 workshop summary

Number 09        Washington Dry Forests FLN, Sinlahekin Wildlife Area Field Tour
May 2011 field tour summary (with before and after photos)

Number 08​        Parashant Partnership, Workshop #2
May 2011 workshop summary (with draft objectives)

Number 07         Big Wilson Prescribed Fire
April 2011 update on multi-agency burn on the George Washington-Jefferson NF in the Allegheny Highlands FLN

Number 06         FireScape Monterey, Planning Workshop #2
May 2011 workshop summary

Number 05         California Klamath-Siskiyou FLN, Northern California Prescribed Fire Council Workshop
May 2011 workshop report

Number 04         49 Days of Fire & Learning (Training Exchanges)
Summarizes the four 2011TREX  events (with table of participants by agency and trainee position)

Number 03         Flint Hills, Kansas (Training Exchange)
Report on March-April 2011 event (with table of participants by agency and trainee position)

Number 02         Niobrara, Nebraska (Training Exchange)
Report on for March 2011 event (with table of participants by agency and trainee position)

Number 01          Central Loess Hills and Loess Canyons, Nebraska (Training Exchange)
Report on February-March 2011 event (with table of participants by agency and trainee position)